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Fibromyalgia hurts...but it does not have to take over your life! 

Fibromyalgia is a real pathological entity and not every physician is familiar with its treatment.  Dr. Kapadia was involved in the care of most severe cases of Fibromyalgia at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and believes that the care begins with understanding the pathology behind this complex medical entity.

Dr. Kapadia specializes in personalized medicine. With this approach in mind, each patient is evaluated as a whole.  

Dr. Ruby Kapadia’s integrative approach combines healing agents, vitamin supplements and prescription medicine. Each patients is different and so is the treatment.  If you are to receive a prescription of “compounded” medication from a specialized pharmacy,  please know that these medications are “individually created” for a unique you.  These Rx are usually in the lowest dosages so they are not addictive and can be slowly and safely weaned off ones you feel stable. 

If you believe you have fibromyalgia, call

our office today to get a personalized evaluation. 


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