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  • She completed her post-graduate training in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine at Christ Hospital in Jersey City, NJ.  Dr. Kapadia started her career as a Scientist and contributed to the development of modern medications called Biologics that are now used in the treatment of severe disorders of the immune system such as atopic dermatitis, IBD and asthma. As a Toxicology Scientist, she collaborated on safety studies on some of the most widely used cholesterol, and HIV medications and her research earned her the Award of Excellence in Electrophysiology. For the past several years, as a Physician-Scientist, she has also been involved in several Clinical Trials at The CarePoint Health Research Institute for medical conditions such as COPD, diabetes, wound healing, and addiction.

  • Dr. Kapadia is a native of Alexandria, Virginia and comes from a family of female doctors. She was inspired by watching her mother while growing up. She still vividly recalls, as a child, the long lines at her mother's free clinic on the weekends in underserved areas both locally and abroad. Having the opportunity to visit many countries while growing up, she has a natural penchant for the diversity of patients as well as the diversity of acute and chronic medical problems she sees as a Family Physician. She is fluent in multiple languages: English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, and has a basic understanding of Gujarati and Arabic.

  • Dr. Kapadia truly values the close relationships she forms with her patients and enjoys the team approach it takes to treat. She has a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of Obesity as a disease, as well as providing care for mental illnesses. Dr. Kapadia is also involved in the monthly care of Geriatric patients in Assisted Living homes.

  • In her spare time, Dr. Kapadia enjoys mentoring medical students, and leads a community-based exercise program called “Jog-4-Walk-4” in Bergen County. She is an avid hand-embroider, and her favorite pastime is travel with her wonderful husband and two children.

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